1',4,6'-Trichloro-galactosucrose; Splenda®

What it is:

Sucralose is a sucrose molecule in which three of the -OH groups have been replaced by chlorine atoms.

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Sucralose tastes sweet, with a slight off-taste that is described as "drying" or bitter by some tasters. It has a slightly slower onset of sweetness than sucrose, and the sweetness lingers a little longer than sucrose.

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Sucralose provides no calories.

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Sucralose is relatively stable. It can be used in baking applications.

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Sucralose has been approved by the FDA, EFSA, and JECFA.

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Other information

Sucralose has such high sweetness potency that it a sweetener packet only contains 11 to 12 milligrams. 99% of the material in the packet is maltodextrin, a simple starch.

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