Also known as benzosulfimide, Sweet'n Low®

What it is:

Saccharin is an organic acid with a pKa of 1.6. It is most commonly used as the sodium salt. The calcium salt and free saccharin are also used.

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Saccharin has a sweet taste; many (but not all) people experience a bitter-metallic off taste. Its onset of sweetness is rapid. The sweetness potency relative to sucrose is about 300, but depends upon the concentration of sucrose which is being matched.

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Saccharin provides no calories.

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Saccharin has excellent stability. The sodium and calcium salts have excellent water solubility.

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Saccharin is approved by the FDA, EFSA, and JECFA. At one time saccharin was thought to be a carcinogen. Click the "Further information button for details.

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Other information

Saccharin was discovered in 1879. It was the first synthetic sweetener used commercially.

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