More about brazzein


Brazzein was reported in the scientific literature in 1994 [Ming, D.; Hellekant, G. Brazzein, a new high-potency thermostable sweet protein from Pentadiplandra brazzeana B. FEBS Lett. 355:106-108 (1994)]. It may be the same protein as pentadin, which was isolated from the same plant in 1989 [H Van der Wel, G Larson, A Hladik, CM Hladik, G Hellekant and D Glaser. Isolation and characterisation of Pentadin, the sweet principle of Pentadiplandra-Brazzeana Baillon. Chemical Senses 14:75-79 (1989)].


Brazzein is unlikely to be used as a sole sweetener, because of its slow onset and lingering sweetness. It could find use in combination with one or more other sweeteners, where a blend could balance the sweetness and time profile.